TOffice Hours

—-Medina; Wed and Sat 9-6 - 510 Orient St., Medina, NY 14103 - Call 585-866-9025 to schedule.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary 15 minute visit with me (call to schedule) so I can make sure that I will be a good resource for you.  This visit will not include any recommendations, but will allow us to make sure that it will be a good fit for both us to work together. 

Because some people may only be interested in acupuncture or Naturopathic Medicine or Hypnosis, I do offer each type of visit separately. I find that most people benefit from a comprehensive packages which include Naturopathic services (diet, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, along with acupuncture.

A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations.  Failure to provide 24 hour notice will result in you being billed ½ the regular rate for the time scheduled.  However, you will not be charged, of course, for an appointment missed due to an emergency. 

I do carry select herbs, supplements and homeopathics in my office. They are the brands that I have found to be the most effective for patients. The brands that I carry in office sell only to practitioners, and I am confident in the quality of these products. It is always your choice whether or not you would like to purchase these items from my office, if recommended for you.

I look forward to helping you to be stress free, healthy and have the life you would like to live.