Are you reacting to something you ate?

Top 10 indicators that food sensitivities may be causing an issue:

  1. Nasal congestion, runny nose, or itchy nose after eating.

  2. Recurrent headaches or migraines

  3. Chronic muscle aches and pains or chronic “all over” body inflammation

  4. Fatigue, especially after eating

  5. Chronic dark circles (or shiners) under your eyes

  6. Digestive issues - have been diagnosed with heartburn or irritable bowel syndrome

  7. Anxiety or depression

  8. Weight gain

  9. Constipation and /or diarrhea

  10. History of childhood asthma, eczema or ear infections.

The top 7 foods that may be associated with food sensitivities include:

  • wheat (found in most baked goods, breadings, bread, etc.)

  • eggs

  • soy

  • chocolate

  • cow’s milk (milk, cheese, ice cream)

  • corn (including corn syrup, corn oil, corn bread)

  • citrus (lemons, limes, grapefruit)

  • shellfish

If you notice that you seem to be reacting to foods that you commonly eat, an elimination diet and/or digestive support may help. Give us a call to schedule for a complimentary 15 minute visit to discuss if our natural approach may be helpful to you. 716-688-8815