"Healthy, happy, wealthy and wise"

The goal of this wellness series is to offer you usable knowledge and tools to help you optimize and improve your current wellness. The old saying “there’s nothing new under the sun”, applies to healthy living also. Much of the material covered in this booklet is probably already familiar to you, and you most likely heard many of the recommendations made here from your parents when you were little - like, "Go outside and play", "Eat your vegetables", and "Be nice to other people". Let’s start by perhaps learning some new things, and remembering some old things to get us on the road to being "healthy, happy, wealthy and wise".

Some of the items important to the goal above include the following:

—Eating a diet containing wholesome, nutritious foods

—Drinking plenty of clean, fresh water

—Access to clean, fresh air and nature

—Sufficient deep, uninterrupted sleep

—Healthy exercise and movement

—Nurturing support from those who care for you

—Time for fun, creativity and relaxation

—Meaningful work

—Clarity about your life goals

—A form of spirituality that supports you

As we move further into the wellness series we'll be touching on all these subjects. In the meantime, have a great day!