Mind,body, spirit medicine recognizes the connection that what happens in one aspect of our being, can affect other levels. When a symptom arises, it can be viewed as a message that an area of your life needs your attention-that something is out of balance in your life. Symptoms themselves can indicate what and where we need to attend to, and they can be very symbolic in nature. When symptoms are viewed from a mind/body/spirit perspective, they can shed valuable insight into the deeper opportunities for healing for you.  Dr. Colleen is a gifted intuitive, and frequently offers insight into deeper levels of healing to help you get back on track with your life purpose.



Chinese medicine has been used successfully for at least 3000 years. I use a gentle style of acupuncture that is enjoyable, relaxing, yet effective.  Chinese medicine (including Chinese herbs, physical medicine and food therapy) along with acupuncture can be extremely helpful for stress, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, hormonal imbalances, pain, and fatigue. Many people are afraid of needles. I use a generally pain-free style of acupuncture in my clinic.  I tell patients that they should feel no more than a "snick" (if even that) when the needle is inserted.  I feel that acupuncture should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience to help restore balance and function to the mind, body and spirit. 

When you receive acupuncture at our clinic, you remain fully clothed (except for your shoes and socks - and it helps if you wear loose clothing so we can access up to your arms and knees).  You will be laying on your back (usually) or your stomach on our heated acupuncture table.  I will feel your pulses at your wrist, and look at the shape and color of your tongue.  I will then insert single-use, thin needles (usually between 10-20) in specific points, usually located on your lower arms, hands and lower legs, ankles and feet. Again, most people will not even feel the needle insertion.  At most it will be a "snick" that quickly resolves.  

If acupuncture is recommended as part of your plan, generally I recommend that 3-4 initial acupuncture visits take place within a 2 week time period to see how quickly your body responds to acupuncture.  For some acute pain issues, only 1-2 visits may be needed. If you have been dealing with chronic stress, or complex health issues for some time, a series of acupuncture treatments may be needed with a goal of symptom improvement. 



A Naturopathic approach affirms the inherent wisdom of the body, and affirms the healing power of nature (Vitalism). As human beings are designed to be optimally healthy when given the right conditions for health - when we receive what we need, and avoid we don’t need. To optimize health, Naturopathic therapies include: herbs, nutrition, diet and food therapy, homeopathy, and lifestyle recommendations. I also incorporate a great deal of education for client empowerment in their well-being.



Hypnosis can best be described as a focused concentration.  Unlike what you see in the movies, if you are hypnotized, you will not quack like a duck or make a fool out of yourself!  Rather, you are fully aware of everything that is going on around you , but you are deeply focused internally. We all experience hypnosis daily - as when you are watching a movie and focused so deeply on the movie that you "forget" it's not real. Or when you’re driving somewhere and you "zone out" (aka hypnotized) and you get to our destination without consciously remembering driving there.  So, hypnotism is a natural state.  

In hypnosis, we quiet the left side of our brain (the part of our brain that uses logic, words, reasoning, numbers and the part of the brain you’re using to read this page).  This allows us to access the right side of our brain (which contains our memories, beliefs, habits, imagination, feelings and intuition. This part of the brain communicates in symbols, pictures and feelings. In hypnosis we are able to access parts of ourselves that may provide insight and help us tap into our inner wisdom and help with our healing.  Hypnosis also allows us to create new patterns of beliefs, change habits and behaviors to help us with stress and relaxation, pain relief, sleeping, weight management and to stop smoking.  Some people are also interested in hypnosis for insight regarding their life path and purpose in life.


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