"I've been a patient of Dr. Colleen Gagliardi for almost three months. When I met Dr. Gagliardi I had severe digestive problems and acute, debilitating anxiety/panic attacks. I also suffered from muscle pain and insomnia.

Dr. Gagliardi has literally saved my life. She's taught me how to manage my anxiety and digestive problems by alternative medicine and therapy methods: naturopathic vitamin supplements, educating me about nutrition, offering different diet suggestions, acupuncture, and massage.

Dr. Gagliardi sent me for blood work and we discovered I was deficient in important vitamins. She takes the time to get to know the patient and works to help the patient understand how to get better.

I no longer have severe panic attacks, my digestion is 100 % better, I no longer have insomnia, and I have the energy of a teenager. I continue my path with Dr. Gagliardi and highly recommend her."  



"I have suffered from recurrent Crohn’s Disease flares, fatigue, reactive arthritis, and malaise for the past 10 years.  Despite having gone to multiple doctors and taking serious medication, the Crohn’s disease was not even close to remission.

I started seeing Dr. Colleen 3 months ago, and her expertise, compassion, and commitment to discovering what was causing all my symptoms has been a life altering experience.  The arthritic pain, fatigue and malaise have subsided.  I am down to taking 1 medication for the Crohn’s.  I have not felt this good in so long, I didn’t realize I could.  It has been such a blessing to be under Dr. Collen’s care and guidance.  I feel I have a new lease on life."



"I have been living with Hashimoto's thyroiditis for nearly a decade, and unfortunately, conventional medical doctors were little to no help with my journey to wellness once my condition was diagnosed.  I eventually took it upon myself to learn all I could about my condition, reading books and websites, but a person can only go so far without support from someone in the medical community.  Luckily for me, several months ago I stumbled upon Dr. Gagliardi's website.  She was speaking my language with her references to using traditional medicine and other techniques to get to the root cause of my condition and symptoms.  i knew I had to make an appointment with her immediately.  From my first visit, Dr. Gagliardi really listened to me and never discounted the connections I had made about all my various symptoms and what i believe helped to improve my health or triggered flare-ups.  Together, because it truly has been a partnership, we have discovered what was triggering my symptoms and ways to improve my overall health.  Dr. Gagliardi has done more for my wellness in the last two months that conventional medicine did for me over the course of a decade.  i honestly can't thank her enough.  i feel like I finally have my life back!"